Jayanthi - Orphanage for boys - COVID 19

As you are most certainly aware for some we years we have been supporting the Jayanthi Orphanage for boys in Kalutara, Sri Lanka.

Following on from the reconstruction of the orphanage and the establishment of a successfull co-operation with the AGIO school, the boys are now guaranteed a safe and hygenic enviroment and education.

Just when we thought we had everything under control the COVID 19 virus has brought us back down to earth. The Orphanage is for the most part dependant on donations for food and medicines. The meagre contribution made by the local government is simply insufficient to put food on the table on a daily basis.

The Foundation Kalapuwa has been forced to put all the current projects “on hold”, but allowing 50 orphaned boys to virtually starve is something we are not prepared to tolerate.

This explains our plea from the heart.

For 50 Euro per day the Orphanage can put 3 basic meals daily on the table for the children.

We do not give money to the Orphanage but arrange the purchase and supply of the relevant foodstufs (see photo above) and in this way ensure that every Euro is well spent.

Do you want to support us? Please contact us and help us with a donation.

Send a child to school for a year - We can buy this as a set

On the 13th. January we, Theo, Paul, Roy and Diederik will be travelling to Sri Lanka to further the aims of our Foundation Kalapuwa. Our aim is to help 250 children to school in the first quarter of 2020.

You will be aware of the tragic circumstances surrounding the bombings during Easter 2019. The economy of the country suffered greatly as a result of this. The tourist industry collapsed and many people lost their jobs because of this. The tragedy has also affected us in the Foundation and many microcredit repayments have suffered and the cry for help has escalated dramatically. The new school year will commence on the 1st.January and we have

received very many requests for uniforms and items needed for school attendance. Will you help us, again?

Why this is necessary Basic education is free but only if the child has the following:

  • A uniform
  • White shoes ( for some schools)
  • A strong satchel
  • A school set ( notebooks, pens, pencils, ruler, drink container and a mathematics set).

Many families are unable to afford this which means that the children have to stay at home. We are able to purchase this as a set for Euro 27.50 per child. Working with the

Social Workers (designated by the local council) we know which children are most in need of our help and the lists supplied allow us to designate the most needy. Will you help us to send the poorest children to school?

Do you want to support us? Please contact us and help us with a donation.

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About Us

The Kalapuwa Sri Lanka Foundation was set up to achieve the objective as described elsewhere and, by means of a so-called ANBI registration, to also give the business community some better opportunities to sponsor.