The Start

The Foundation Kalapuwa was set up by Theo Mosch in 2013/2014. Whilst on holiday with his wife Tineke and friends and co-founders of the Foundation Martin and Yvonne, local fishermen were observed manually dragging their nets along the shore line attempting to catch fish. A conversation was started with the fishermen and it quickly became obvious that this was as a direct result of the Tsunami which had caused so much damage in 2004 and destroyed their boats. For these poor fishermen it had proved impossible to obtain loans from the banks to re-finance their businesses.

This was the crucial moment when it was decided to arrange the system of micro-financing. Six months later Theo returned in 2014 to carry out a feasibility study and to have meetings with the relevant local authorities ( Police commissioner, solicitor and lawyer etc.) to primarily establish a viable network.

Now, after a number of years, Foundation Kalapuwa is focussed on Entrepreneurship, Educational projects and Humanitarian Help for, amongst others, the elderly, handicapped and orphans.

The Foundation Kalapuwa has focussed their activities, for the majority of projects, on the Kalapuwa Peninsular and in the general area of Kalutara. This Peninsular was the hardest hit in the Tsunami of 2004. It is our aim to facilitate a sustainable economic revitalisation and our investment in education and entrepreneurship play a key role in this plan.

We travel back to Sri Lanka two or three times a year to check on all the projects, support and initialising new contacts and relationships. Our activities are supported and controlled locally by our representative Nilantha Chyandrappria.

Contact Info

Veenestraat 21
3751 GE Bunschoten Spakenburg

[email protected]

KVK: 61002550
ANBI Nr: 8541.59.861
IBAN: NL04RABO0190466855

About Us

The Kalapuwa Sri Lanka Foundation was set up to achieve the objective as described elsewhere and, by means of a so-called ANBI registration, to also give the business community some better opportunities to sponsor.