It is our opinion that every child should be given the opportunity for an education. This has to start with the junior school and each child be given later the chance to progress into further education. Not only the youth but also for adults, who probably as children had little or no chance for an education, is it important that training, workshops and English lessons be made available.

To improve the economical sustainability and to ensure a certain level of prosperity and welfare within the community on the peninsula of Kalapuwa, education is essential.

Foundation Kalapuwa offers the following possibilities:

  • Financial support for students (higher national certificate and university)
  • English lessons for children and adults
  • Uniforms and school requisites for junior school children
  • Workshops in personal development for children and students


Alongside cognitive development it is important for us to stimulate a social and emotional development potential for the youth. Our partners IDoDareDream ( offer top trainers Marc Jan and Mirjam workshops in which personal development stands central. With respect for the Singhalese culture, differing in some ways to the Dutch methodology, discussions are entered into covering many aspect of daily life and encouraging personal improvement and development .

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English School

These are our two Top Teachers. Tharanga and Dunja currently give English lessons in four locations:

  • Tworesidentiallocations in Kalatura where deprived children are able to follow English lessons for a small fee, (Euro 0.60). We supply the necessary books.
  • In the Girls Orphanage all the girls (approx. 40) receive twice a week lessons in English.
  • In the women’s prison English lessons are made available on a voluntary basis. This will hopefully help them to find work, possibly in the Tourist Industry, when they are released.

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Contact Info

Veenestraat 21
3751 GE Bunschoten Spakenburg

[email protected]

KVK: 61002550
ANBI Nr: 8541.59.861
IBAN: NL04RABO0190466855

About Us

The Kalapuwa Sri Lanka Foundation was set up to achieve the objective as described elsewhere and, by means of a so-called ANBI registration, to also give the business community some better opportunities to sponsor.